Topic: Wifi issues - browser hangs

When I try to use the wifi feature to browse for songs to upload I first get what seems to be an error message telling me to enter a specific URL in my browser (  I punch out, open safari (also tried others), enter the URL exactly as noted and it hangs,resulting in a "server stopped responding" message

The is no info in the help files and I can't find one mention of wifi on the forum.  I was getting ready to purchase additional effects and really test this with less common instruments like pedal steel, but don't wantto spend money if it's just another buggy iPad music app (like half the "non-brand name" apps seem to be).

Any ideas?

Re: Wifi issues - browser hangs

There's two places you can fire up the "server", from within the Recorder's audio track's page and from the Music-Local Audio Tracks page. Both bring up the same server and it shouldn't matter, but I'm curious which you used.

On my home computer the address was: and in Safari it immediately brought up a web page for downloading/uploading songs.

So, let's try to figure out why yours didn't work. First off is the iOS device on the same network as your computer? The iOS devices needs to be using WiFi and on the same network for the connection to work. So, let's say the dialog says: for the connection. Go into the network section of your Mac's System Preferences, find your connection (AirPort/Ethernet) and see what IP address it has. Hopefully it's something on the same address range (in our hypothetical case, 192.168.2.XXX).

Let me know what you find out and we'll work from there.


Re: Wifi issues - browser hangs

The window that popped up directing me to use the browser showed a URL within my network's "group" with the added ":5150".

The URL sort of made sense since it wasn't outside my network - although why it needs to connect to a wifi network when it's already connected makes NO sense.  FWIW other programs that either load or stream from within the network are working fine - the only one that asks for a manual connection is this one, and the only connection problem in any of the browsers is in this specific situation.

Re: Wifi issues - browser hangs

That is strange. We've haven't had a report of that particular feature not working and it's the same web server code used in three of our other apps. (btw, if you have iShred, GuitarStudio, or PianoStudio you could try it in one of those).  We use WiFi simply because it's a common denominator: most people are familiar with a browser and typing in a URL. Plus, when we first created this feature almost three years ago, there weren't many other options for transferring files to/from an app on an iOS device.

Do you have any kind of proxy on your device? And while I'm checking, what device is it, what iOS version, and what version of iShred LIVE?