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I have just got my Griffin Guitar Connect, connected up to the guitar, ipad & headphones and it all worked beautifully. Played around with the free effects and then bought the screamer. As soon as I put the screamer on, the only sound I get is feedback static, almost at maximum volume and on all screamer settings. If I remove the headphones, the noise level goes down a bit and if I disconnect the guitar it goes down further - but I am not sure what the noise is as I can't hear it ;) If I connect the headphones with not guitar, then I can still hear the feedback.

If I use buzz kill, the feedback goes, but so does the screamer effect. Any ideas on what I can do to get rid of the feedback?

Thank you,

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Re: screamer just feedback noise

Hi ice70,

What you hit is the bane of iPhone/iPad guitar effects. The headphone output on these iOS devices is subject to feedback when using very high gain effects. I would start by killing the app (double-click home and delete in the multitasking strip). Then start the app again, but without headphones plugged in. Turn Screamer and Hot Fuzz and the Amp off ... these are the high gain elements. Now start again, but don't overdo the gain.

I am surprised to hear that Buzz Kill also kills the Screamer effect. I can imagine it might tone it down some, but it should not completely kill it.

Also do you know what impedance your headphones are? Higher impedance headphone will hold up better on these devices.

I hope this helps.

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Hi charlieh,

Thank you for your reply. I restarted the iPad and then went through the process you described.. And the end result was exactl the same :(

So I tried connecting the pc speaker instead of headphones and there's was a marked improvement! There is still a bit of feedback when everything is turned to 11, but if I bring it all down a bit, it works :)

The buzz kill cleans up the feedback pretty good now, but there is a little bit of cut off on sustained noted as volume decreases.

I tried another set of headphones and it was just as bad. So am I right in thinking I have headphones that are mot really suited to this set up. They were not expensive - sennheiser hd407.

Thank you for your help

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Hey again, Ice70,

As for Buzz Kill cutting off sustained notes ... have you tried adjusting (turning down) its THRESHOLD and DECAY settings? You will probably want to leave "CUT HISS" on.

Headphones can work, but not in all cases. iPad/iPhone + headphones + high gain = feedback issues. It's a gain vs. iOS device issue. With enough high gain all the amp modeling software out there can hit this. Not to point fingers, but it is an interaction with the device's output amp that is the problem. And that, sadly, is nothing we can change.

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Re: screamer just feedback noise

Hi Charlieh,

did some fiddling and resetting and have now managed to get rid of that feedback and buzz kill cut off,

thank you for all your help

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Sweet! Thanks for letting me know. Happy shredding!