Topic: Hello and what's this?

Welcome to the new sub-forum for iShred LIVE. Based on a user recommendation this area is for folks to share presets they've made in iShred LIVE.

There's a couple of ways you might post your preset, but probably the easiest is to just leave a message with the name, code, and a short description of it.  For example:

Name: Note Warbler
Code: c2d
Desc: one of the built in effects, with space modulation and delay

When you find a post that sounds interesting simply fire up iShred LIVE, go to the presets page, hold you finger down on the preset button  where you'd like to save it, choose "Store Shared Sound" in the popup menu, then type in the code.

Happy sharing!

Re: Hello and what's this?

Thanks for making this forum.

You may want to update the description of the app in the app store to encourage users to post their presets.

Also, it's not clear cut how to share a preset. It would probably be good to list that in the app store description and in the app itself.

Re: Hello and what's this?

The app has a short section on sharing in the help for that page, but it could probably be  expanded a bit as well as being mentioned on the quick help overlay.

I'll try to come up with something for the app description. ":^)

From time to time we post little tutorials on our Facebook page. This might be a good candidate for a future writeup.