Topic: Looping? Manual?

Hi guys! First off, amazing job with your apps. I bought BeatStudio based on my absolute love of your guitar apps. I'm making friends with it and dig the new sounds that you recently added, but am a little perplexed on some of the workings. Specifically with regards to looping. Just hitting the loop toggle on the track screen doesn't seem to make anything loop. Adding bars with the loop toggle checked seems to replicate the bars I have laid down, but I was hoping there would be a way to quickly loop something infinitely to build onto layer by layer, or just keep on a loop while you're riffing with another instrument. Am I missing something? The help screen is nice in terms of navigating some of the buttons, but I'm wondering if everyone might benefit from a more comprehensive manual? I know I would.

Thanks again for the great work. These apps have started something of a creative renaissance for me.

Re: Looping? Manual?


Thanks for the great feedback, glad you are enjoying BeatStudio.

I think what you're asking (tell me if I'm wrong) is for the ability to loop the whole song? That's not an option right now, but I'll certainly put it on the list for a future update.

You can loop an individual track, and it will repeat for the duration of the song (which of course you can crank up to be really long). Alternately, you could make a single track song, enter the event editor screen (i.e. tap the track on the tracks page), and then click the loop button on the top of that screen. Once you start playing it will loop forever. Actually this is my favorite way to experiment with BeatStudio, put it on endless loop and then start adding and editing instrument events.