Topic: Feedback from iPad not iPhone

I recently bought the griffin stomp box and also got iShred Live. I'm trying to plug in my guitar (using the guitar connect cable) to the iPad, and then out to amp (I've tried headphone as well) . This gives me an insane amount of feedback.
I tried the same with my iPhone 4, and it wasn't so bad.
ANy help?

Re: Feedback from iPad not iPhone

Are you getting the feedback with all presets or just some.

One thing would be to lower some of the settings for the different pedals.

Re: Feedback from iPad not iPhone

It's on the fuzz box and screamer at any level. What's the point
of those pedals t if I reduce the gain so it just sounds clean

Re: Feedback from iPad not iPhone

Hey omienice,

Now if you were plugging into (low impedance) headphones, then I would say look here for a discussion of the problem: … ack-noise/

But you say that you are going from the iPad into your amp, which should have a high impedance input, and not have this (iOS device) feedback issue. Hmmm. What is your cabling from the GuitarConnect to the amp? (The more details the better.)

And do you get the same or similar feedback issues just using headphones or earbuds?