Topic: Future iShred updates?

I use iShred in live situations with pretty good results.  There are some critical new features that need to be added in order to make this the best, most usable guitar app for live situations.

1. Reverb...seriously, no reverb on the amp simulator????
2. Another AMP simulator, something with more gain.
3. A distortion pedal is seriously missing.  As it stands Now I cannot get a heavy sound from iShred.
4. EQ - Not sure why such a basic function such as EQ was left out.

If future updates don't include these critical features I will not be able to continue to use iShred in live situations anymore.

Re: Future iShred updates?

Thanks for the comments. We have considered these but the main issue is one of space. With iShred LIVE we reworked the effects screen to enable more effects, but have yet to do so for iShred (it needs to retain the pickup switch and strum area). I'll add your comments to the list for a future feature update.