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I'm pretty sure I'm just missing it in the documentation.

I need notes in my patterns to play sustained. I don't want to have to run pattern with inert notes through some kind of reverb to get it to sound like that.. i need need the 5-8 running notes to ring out sustained. The sustain in the app is causing the pattern to just remain running.


Re: SUSTAIN NOTES that are inside a pattern

Hmm, Mr Obtuse,

I'm not sure if PianoStudio can currently do what you want or not. I guess it would help if I understood more precisely what your running notes were like.

So I'm hoping you know that, in the phrase editor, you can extend the length of any note by holding one finger on the note and then sliding another finger to the left or right of the note to extend its duration. Does that help?

If not, then maybe we can't get there. But maybe you could at least let us know a little more about your intention.

Re: SUSTAIN NOTES that are inside a pattern

i haven't worked in piano studio for around 18 months, too much, due to a break from composing for other interests.

it came back to me (in the shower, as most problem solutions typically do) what i did the last time i programmed a pattern which i needed to sound sustained in the notes.

you just set the notes where you want them, craft the rhythm it should have, then come back to each note and drag its length out to the maximum.

last time i did this, it was with a pattern of relatively few notes, just a backbone i was improvising over...

the issue i'm seeing, is that when doing this, the volume decay isn't at the same rate of the struck key sustain function. what we're getting is hold. it gets too muddy in my pattern where i have a lot of notes, in an allegro style.

I want the volume to decay as in strike - sustain. there's no ability to set that in the pattern.. i think per pattern it could be a setting, essentially.

i'm going to repost to the suggestion side. this app has absolutely zero competition, i spent some time searching to see if anything has been made to offer piano playing/sequencing, and the closest i found was the apple garage band which can only be run on the ipad. i don't take ipad out of the house. piano studio seems it will always be the best, and honestly this functionality i'm describing is probably the only complaint i've ever been able to find with it.

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Re: SUSTAIN NOTES that are inside a pattern

We've taken note of your suggestions and promise to consider all of this during the next PianoStudio update. No promise on when that will be at this time, but we really do appreciate your detailed explanations and ideas.