Topic: Guitar Volume Problems with iPad 1

I've got the Griffin GuitarConnect cable and an iPad 1.  It seems to work fine with Amplitube, but I cannot get hardly any volume out of the guitar on iShred Live.  I have the amp volume maxed out at 10 and none of the built-in effects are enabled.  The volume indicator lights at the bottom of the screen rarely show anything unless I severely pluck a string, and then only 2-3 green lights show up.  Music volume comes through way too loud at these settings.  What to do?  BTW, this is a Fender Jazz Bass that I am connecting.

Edit:  I should also mention that I get the dreaded "input device not connected" when I try to use it on my iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.1.  The cable is plugged in as far as it will go and there's no external case on the phone.

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Re: Guitar Volume Problems with iPad 1

Hi Scott,

Very mysterious, truly. I would guess that you also have no problem recording into the standard voice recorder. Is that so?

Does your low recording level also happen when the amp is disabled?

And given the fact that it works fine with Amplitube, I can only imagine that this is an issue with the app, but one that we have not hit before.

I am actually out of the country currently, but will ask some folks back at the home base to see if they can duplicate this issue.