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Guys, can you please tap that unreal talent you have used for the Guitars applications and design one that can be used to play guitar solos? I am not a guitar player, I'm a keyboard player, actually, which is why the guitar applications are so frigging GREAT for me. To be able to hold a letter "A" and strum to play an actual guitar chord is, well, just unreal. At any rate, if you could design something where a non guitar player could do the same but have just ONE NOTE play would really just be the icing on the cake!  I'm sure I can't be the only one looking for something like this!  Incentive, as if you need more?! Give subscribers a free or .99 trial and I would buy something like this for $10 EASY.

Re: Solo guitar please!

Hey KPM,

I could really use a little more insight and description here. Are you saying that you would like to be able to program buttons so that, when held, only a single guitar note will play? Can you give me a little more info here so that I don't misunderstand what you are hoping for?

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Sure. Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting. Really the same set up as your present guitar apps with a single note rather than a chord as a result. And ideally a pitch that can be bent as if you're really bending it on an actual guitar. Like a bass guitar. But where someone like myself who doesn't know where an "E" is on a guitar fret can actually play a bonafide sounding "E" guitar sound with the musical knowledge I do have. That's the absolute brilliance of your two guitar apps. Man, I am literally playing guitar without knowing how to actually play guitar. And it's frigging magical. One last note on that, I would still want to "pluck" the notes as I think that's what creates the authentic sound, if not the feel of the guitar apps. Although an option to illicit the sound via a piano keyboard would be pretty sweet. If, indeed, the sound was of the same quality. But that's where synths have been unqble to really replicate a guitar sound. They're generated so differently, where the piano (or synth) is a percussion instrument and the guitar is a string.

Re: Solo guitar please!

Well there is a way to get most of what you want today with the app. You can program user chords with only one active string on to each button. You can't get pitch bends this way, but you can have shake vibrato (if enabled in Settings).

From the right menu, hit Edit, the on the left picker column "User", then New User Chord on the right menu. X's on a string mute it, and selecting the other number will also show you the note for that string.

Hope that helps.