Topic: Chord Button Assignment

How do I assign a chord button E/B?

Also, is there a way to assign a specific set of effects to a chord button?

Love the product, the band is afraid they'll be replaced by your app.  I told them of course not, as long as they behave.

Will you add additional instruments/sounds?

Re: Chord Button Assignment

Hiya oxlacey,

For an E/B chord you will have to program it yourself as a User Chord. With standard tuning, the strings could be fretted this way:
    X 2 2 1 0 0
Note that this is like a normal base E chord without the low E string playing.

At present there is no way to assign effects or effect changes to a chord button. Sorry. And at present we are not working on more instruments/sounds for it ... but you never know what tomorrow may bring. :-)

Good luck keeping your bandmates in line!