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I saw the support for Stompbox and wanted to know what actions of the music player can the foot control be assigned to?

2 other questions:

With the stompbox, will the music player stop the song when its finished and wait for you to select and play another song?

Will the stompbox control Volume of the music player?


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Here's the Music Player controls that can be mapped to the stompbox:
  Loop On/Off
  Set Loop Start
  Set Loop End

The stompbox doesn't change how the player plays back, so if you have loop off then the player will stop when it reaches the end of the song.

Right now there's not a separate control for the music player (the iOS player doesn't offer this), but if you have an expression pedal hooked up to the Stompbox you can have it control the amp's volume.

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Thanks for the info.
From your reply, I can't tell if the Stompbox buttons can be assigned to scroll up and down songs from a iPod/local playlist and start and stop  the songs from that playlist such as when a musician is playing a gig.

I don't play guitar at all but was hoping this could be used to control backing tracks on a gig using my feet.

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No, it doesn't let you control which song is playing next. You can start/stop the song, but to select a new song you'd need to use the touch screen. There's no facility, currently, to jump from song to song.

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We'll add it to our list of possible future features, though.