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I bought griffin connect cable, downloaded ishred live onto my ipad2. The app registers audio in on the light meter at the bottom but I get no guitar sound out. Also the tuner works fine so no issues with input. I have also set up the same on iPhone and get the same issue. So, have I been sold a dodgy cable or might there be something else I should try?

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Re: No audio output

Hi Rob,

Man, sorry to say but it does sound like a bad cable. You could try it in other apps like the voice recorder on your iPhone and see if you get the same results. If you play music on either device does sound come out the headphones or speaker you have plugged into the cable?

Also, just to verify things you can plug in your iPhone headset w/mic in and try that out in iShred. Your voice should register on the meter and be heard in the earphones.


Re: No audio output

Thanks. When I use earphones w/ mic straight into iPad with ishred live running I can hear my voice and sing over I-tunes. Conclusion is Ishred is working and I need to return the duff cable.
Thanks again.