Topic: iOS 5 Issues

I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS5 this morning.  Ever since, when I try to play the music player, iShred Live abruptly quits and exits the program.  This was not an issue before i upgraded to 5.  Anyone else having this problem with the new OS?  Anyone have any suggestions on a fix or work around?

Re: iOS 5 Issues

We've gone through the app and tweaked a few things for iOS 5, but that wasn't one of the issues we'd run across. I just double checked with my iPhone 4, iOS 5, and a fresh download of iShred LIVE.

Are you trying to play an iPod or Local track? If iPod have you played any music from the iPhone music player yet? I was working on another app recently which started having problems with the iPod music library. Essentially the only fix was a power cycle and a re-sync with my computer (which triggered the iPhone's music library to get re-built/indexed).

We'll have a iShred LIVE update out in the next week, we're just wrapping up testing and if you have a specific test-case for the music player we'd happily verify it before submitting.


Re: iOS 5 Issues

Thanks for the post.  I was trying to play an iPod track from my music library on the iPhone.  I also did check and the iPhone music player works just fine.  I did try rebooting my iPhone to see if that helped but it didn't - I still had the issue.  I haven't tried reloading iShred Live.  I was concerned if I deleted iShred Live to reload it, I would loose all the in app purchases I made for the app (the various virtual stomp boxes and recorder).  If you delete the app and reload it - will you loose your in app purchases?

Re: iOS 5 Issues

No, you don't lose your in-app purchases. You would lose your presets and any backing tracks you've made. You can backup the presets by tapping and hold them to bring up the menu and choosing "Share". Backing tracks you'll find in the iTunes App File Sharing for iShred LIVE.

Also, if you ever move to a new device or wipe out a device and start over, you simply hit the buy button on each effect you've purchased and then Apple will come back with "You've already purchased this item, would you like to re-download it?" and you get the effect, no new charges.

Let us know if that fixes things. Either way we'll get the update out soon.

Re: iOS 5 Issues

Thanks much.  I reloaded a fresh copy of iShred Live and, first, all my in-app purchases showed up without doing anything.  Second, it appears to have fixed the issue.  Thanks again.

Re: iOS 5 Issues

I like that outcome, thanks!