Topic: No Audio to Amp

iPad (original) with iOS 4.3.4 (8K2) and iShred live.  Guitar connect cable plugged in as instructed and hooked to sound.  Tried everything.  This is the same as the other posts but I am putting it up again to point out a potentially larger issue with your partner (Griffin) who may not be testing the cables they ship with your app. 

I have an RMA and it is all going back unless somebody has an answer quickly.  Too bad as it looked like a fun app.

Re: No Audio to Amp

Hi there,

So first there is a question ... is the problem the app or the cabling?

Do you have a "headset" (headphones with mic in cable ... 4 bands on the 1/8" plug)? If so can you plug it directly into the iPad and run iShred LIVE and see if that works as expected? You should be able to hear your voice run through the effects.

If that works, then would you describe in detail how you are wired up using the Griffin cable and your amp?