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Hello, your app is one of the most useful app for me, so can you add some features to iShred?
- Playscreen background changing (red one is nice, but if you'll add black look - it will be awesome)
- Possibility to use horizontal tilt for volume changing (like in PianoStudio)
- Changing between immediate muting, when I let off button (like now) and little fade-off

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Hey Welli,

Thanks for you suggestions. No promises, but we will consider each of them. They all make sense.


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List of desirable features in ishred:-
1. Twelve string guitar (like guitar studio)
2. Option to record wah pedal envelope with the recording.
3. Skreamer pedal (from ishred live) *sigh*
4. Phaser (from ishred live)
5. Octavinator (from ishred live)
6. Autowah (from ishred live)
7. Option to change guitar to stratocaster or lespaul or telecastor.
8. Option to change bass, mid and treble of the amp.
9. Option to upload a song with backing track.
10. Palm muting option.
11. Harmonics or better then that pinch harmonics when you touch the fret.
Okay option number 2, 7, 9 and 11 are a little bit unrealistic for iPhone on this stage but the rest of them are still achievable. Difficult but achievable.
"O thee Lord, I thank you
For giving me food and bread
Just one more favor to ask
Can you please update ishred"

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We are currently wrapping up an update that adds Sound Cloud support and Send to iTunes, both of which let you choose to include the backing track (#9 in your list?).

A number of these others we have sketched out what needs to be done or experimented with. No hard promise on delivery date yet.

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Hey Sirahevil,

Let me add that GuitarStudio *does* have 12-string sounds (and IMHO they sound great). It actually comes with 3, no make that 6, sounds. There are finger-picked and plectrum-plucked version of 6-string steel, 12-string steel, and 6-string nylon.

And FWIW, the string/pickup sounds for iShred are from a high-end Strat. And ya, Les Paul and Tele options would be nice.

Beyond that, message received. We'll see. Brownie points for the poem, for sure. :-)