Topic: Feedback on iPad 2 and nothing on iPhone 3GS

I have just received my Griffin cable and tried iShred Live on my iPad 2 - all works OK to headphones. so I thought I'll try plugging it in to my amp via a converter to change to 1/4" jack. but all I get is constant feedback through the amp. So I tried installing the app on my iphone 3GS. But the app just says No External Audio Input when I plug the cable in and connect the guitar to the cable. Anyone have any ideas ?

Re: Feedback on iPad 2 and nothing on iPhone 3GS

Hey pupton,

In reverse order ... does the cable work with other audio recording apps, like the built-in voice recorder? I'm guessing not, but try it. If not, then I can think of two possibilities:

1) lint is jammed up inside the jack. We've hit this a few times, and it can be very difficult to get out.

2) The plug is not making complete contact inside the jack. Unfortunately, we've heard of this a few times, also. Something about the exact sizing of the plug on some iPhones.

Your iPad 2 issue seems unusual. It is fairly common to get feedback with headphones when using very high gain distortion with listening levels because of the circuits inside the device. But into an amp the output should be a high enough impedance to not be a problem.

Do you have any way to test what connections are being made inside your converter, like with an ohmmeter? If so, can you tell me what is connected to what? Like if one of the headphone output lines was being connector to ground (the larger conductor on the plug to the amp), then I could imagine that being a problem.

Re: Feedback on iPad 2 and nothing on iPhone 3GS

I managed to sort the ipad issue out - I just switched to using a stereo 6.3mm cable and plug to my amp instead of the usual mono one and the feedback has gone. Still no luck with iPhone, I checked everything you mentioned - although I'm not so bothered about getting the iphone to work now that the iPad is OK.

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Well, some joy then.

So were you able to record and play using the cable into the iPhone and another app (like the voice recorder)?

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Using the cable I can play from various apps and sound goes to the amp. E.g. From iShred I can preview the different pedals or I can play voice memos, but I can't record through the cable to any app. As mentioned it is all OK on the iPad it's just the iPhone that doesn't work.