Topic: I can not connect guitar with Griffin GuitarConnect

I am connecting my Ibanez with Griffin GuitarConnect cable to iShred. But the app writing "Waiting For Input No external audio... OK".
What I need to do?
I use iPhone 4 with iOs 5.0.1
Please, help!

Re: I can not connect guitar with Griffin GuitarConnect

A few things could cause that. First the tolerances on the connector can be pretty tight so if a bit of lint has collected inside the jack you won't get a good connection. We've used a blast of canned air with success.

If you are using an electro acoustic it might be a case of the pre-amp battery being too weak.

The steps we suggest for narrowing down the problem:
1. plug in your normal headset mic and run iShred LIVE, do you get audio input from the mic into the earbuds (and the message goes away)?
2. plug in the guitar connect cable and run the Voice Memos app (used to be Recorder prior to iOS 5), does your guitar register on the meter at all?
3. wiggle the plug a bit to see if anything shows up

Let us know what you find. We've seen a few cases of the Guitar Connect cable being defective and Griffin Support is really helpful in getting you fixed back up.