Topic: Thank you for a great application

Just saying thanks for a truly great application. This is one of the -very- few musical applications I'm completely satisfied with.

I wish I would have found this sooner and didn't waste my $$ on other programs.

I'm really a novice- just learning music theory and this well-thought out application is a joy to use. I just went through "Your first song" and happily it was painless.

I'll be giving this a 5-star review in a couple of days after working with it.


Re: Thank you for a great application

Hey, Steve. Thanks for the nice comments. Very glad you're enjoying PianoStudio, and I hope you make great music with it. And when you're ready, please do take a moment to write a (5 star? yes!) review on iTunes. Positive feedback there helps support the program and its future updates. Much appreciated!

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