Topic: Excellent iPhone application!

I have a future development idea, not sure if it's possible with the iPhone though. Strange I haven't seen this implemented anywhere.

I am a musical Novice. I am slowly learning music theory.
I thoroughly enjoy computer based editing with programs like Cubase, Orion Platinum etc. I enjoy working out songs on a channel by channel basis.

Channel 1: Percussion
Channel 2: Piano
Channel 3: Sax
etc etc

Each with their own piano keyboard role.

I myself find working keyboard buttons on the iPhone -EXTREMELY- clunky and akward. Piano Studio has somewhat overcome this by assigning buttons but it's still "Strange" and whether it's human error (Probably) or iPhone lag the timing is always going to be wrong.

If you could be as creative with an editor-based application rather than "playing" the song with thumbs or fingers you would have a truly creative tool.

Piano Studio's Phrase Editor is what I'm talking about, except stretching it past 4 bars to last the song duration.

I know this is only an iPhone and it would be useless to try and build an app comparable with Cubase, etc.
But if it were possible to build an app with ... maybe 4 Phrase Editor's (or more) controlling individual voices you'd have a smash hit.

Heck I'd be happy to have only one or two notes per instrument for the ability I just described. I could work out my song accompliments instead of trying to keep the correct timing with thumbs.

The overdub function of Piano Studio is helpful and a great function. An editor-based system would render that feature obsolete with complete flexibility.

So come on!
Just 4 editible programmable tracks with two simutanious notes is all I ask!

I love the way Frontier thought of just about everything in Piano Studio. So much better if they assembled such an idea.


Re: Excellent iPhone application!

Thanks for the feedback and great suggestions Steve (and sorry for my delayed response). I've passed this on to the developers.