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“Wow!” “Cool!” “Now that really looks nice.”

First words out of some music retailers' mouths when seeing AlphaTrack

Quick Facts

  • Optimized for fast, high-quality DAW mixing and editing in a small footprint
  • Intuitive, innovative, and powerful controls in an attractive package
  • 100mm touch-sensitive, high-resolution (true 10-bit positions) motorized fader
  • Three touch-sensitive encoders ... context-specific feedback appears on the 32-character backlit display
  • Innovative touch-sensitive jog and shuttle strip for fast timeline control
  • 22 buttons and 21 LED's for track-specific and global functions
  • Works with Pro Tools®, Sonar™, Cubase®, Reason™, Digital Performer®, Nuendo®, and other DAW software applications
  • Works on Windows XP and Mac OS X computers (Mac OS 10.3.9 or later), including Intel Macs
  • Footswitch input on back panel
  • No external power adapter required ... single USB connection and small size make it great for laptops!
Computer Music Performance Award iXBT Original Design Award 2008 Remix Technology Award 2008 Editors Choice Award

AlphaTrack Wins An EM 2008 Editors' Choice Award!

AlphaTrack is our idea of the right tool for the job when desk space is at a premium. The AlphaTrack gives you nearly full control-surface capability with a small footprint, and because it is bus powered, you'll find it especially suitable for sessions on the go.

Once yoiu try an AlphaTrack, you'll be hooked on its ease of use, ergonomic design, and overall efficiency. One thing's for sure: you'll never again find yourself mixing music with a mouse.

Electronic Musician, January 2008

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AlphaTrack Wins A Remix Technology Award!

Listen to the sound of one hand clapping for the AlphaTrack; the other hand is busy controlling faders, jog functions, EQs and plug-ins with this ingenious little controller.

Remix Magazine, January 2008

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A full-featured control surface in a slick, compact package.

If you're after a compact but full-featured control surface, the AlphaTrack is for you. It is excellent for mixing, automation, and transport control...

Len Sasso, Electronic Musician, October 2007

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Everything you need to control your mixing duties, compatible with just about everything, and covering all your bases, too.

We have to say we're mighty impressed. Whether you're a bedroom or professional producer, it's an appealing thought indeed to consider everything you might need for manipulation of your favorite software on one easy-to-use unit.

If you're serious about professional or amateur mixing, and indeed addressing plug-ins, this makes your life a hell of a lot easier, and makes the operation a whole lot smoother, too.

Rob Sandall, PlayMusic PickUp, August 2007

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The AlphaTrack is tough to knock it's simple, affordable and uncluttered enough to sit on your knee while you sit back and mix in comfort.

AlphaTrack packs in the features, and they're very practical and slickly executed, too. For a slimline DAW controller that won't break the bank (or your desk), look no further.

Computer Music Magazine, August 2007

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A major plus for laptop operation is that the AlphaTrack is light and can be bus-powered ... AlphaTrack's knobs and display offer a lot of control options ... For lots of parameter control and clever transport shuttling combined with level automation, AlphaTrack gets the nod.

Overall, Frontier Design Group has a well-earned reputation for coming up with cool recording peripherals that represent exceptional value ... which is a perfect description of AlphaTrack.

Craig Anderton, EQ Magazine, August 2007

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AlphaTrack features a 100 mm touch-sensitive motorized fader with 10-bit resolution; it feels smooth and precise ... Easy to set up and use ... Great value ... AlphaTrack gives you tactile control without the big price tag and the big footprint.

What I find fascinating about the diminutive fader-challenged and very affordable AlphaTrack is that it features one of the best-implemented core control sections found on controllers up to five or six times its price. ... Frontier's AlphaTrack is clearly designed and priced to give control to the controllerless - the People's Fader, if you will.

Bruce Bartlett and Steve Murphy, ProAudio Review, May 2007

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Most feature-packed single-fader controller on the market ... makes working on audio projects easier, faster and a hell of a lot more fun... As with my beloved TranzPort, AlphaTrack hasn't seen a day without use in my studio.

Trumping devices such as the PreSonus FaderPort, AlphaTrack is the only one of its kind to provide integrated window views and tactile knob control of your EQ and plug-in world, not to mention user-assignable access to custom edit functions...

Jason Scott Alexander, Remix Magazine, June 2007

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It surely can't be long before most project studios are equipped with an AlphaTrack ...

Representing an excellent alternative to the larger, more expensive control surfaces, AlphaTrack will save you money, time, desktop space and write ache. Highly recommended.

Keith Gemmell, Music Tech Magazine, May 2007

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Let's go ahead and set the record straight: Frontier Design Group really knows cool gear. ... The fader's mechanical movement was very smooth ... Frontier Design Group scored another home-run. A well-constructed, useful piece of equipment at a price point accessible to everyone.

Joe Shambro, Home Recording, May 2007

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Frontier Design's AlphaTrack is a well thought-out, well-engineered product that takes personal recording out of the realm of the mouse, and restores a great deal of tactile interaction to the process. It's highly recommended to those with personal studios who don't want/don't need a full-blown mixing desk, and especially to laptop recording aficionados.

Ed Driscoll, Blogcritics Online Magazine, May 2007


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