WaveCenterPCI Quote

“I absolutely love the Wavecenter Tango24 combination! I'm using it in conjunction with SAWPlus32, Soundforge and Logic Audio, and it's glitch-free and sonically superior to anything else I've used. ”

Sean McCoy, Oregon Sound Recording

Quick Facts

  • Compatible with Mac or Windows
  • Works with most popular recording, editing and sequencing software via ASIO
  • GSIF support for GigaSampler and GigaStudio
  • Easy to install and use
  • 8-channel ADAT lightpipe input
  • 8-channel ADAT lightpipe output
  • 2-channel S/PDIF digital interface I/O
  • 2x2 MIDI interface

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win Drivers

WaveCenter/PCI 32-bit Windows driver (includes Vista support) win win

v3.15 2007-07-18
WcWdm3_15.zip - 553KB
Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP and Vista (including multi-CPU support). Includes WDM, ASIO ASIO 2.0, GSIF, and GSIF 2.0 support. See seperate installation instructions in Documentation section below.

WaveCenter/PCI 64-bit Windows driver (includes Vista support) win win

v3.15 2007-07-18
WcPci_x64_3_15.zip - 923KB
For systems running Windows XP-X64, and Vista-X64. Includes full WDM audio and midi capabilities, as well as ASIO support for 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Note: This version is for 64-bit Windows XP and Vista only.

WaveCenter/PCI Macintosh ASIO Driver mac

v1 2004-12-04
WCPCI1.0.hqx - 1,076KB

win Documentation

Chaining digital audio outputs in multiple GigaStudio systems win

v1 2004-12-03
gigapcchain.pdf - 38KB

Eliminating Clicks and Pops in Windows Systems win

v1 2004-12-03
ClicksPops.pdf - 85KB

Playing system sounds, streaming audio, and MP3s win

v1 2004-12-03
SystemSounds.pdf - 81KB

Re-installing the WaveCenter/PCI driver in Windows win

v1 2004-10-26
ReinstallingWCPCI.pdf - 80KB

Recording 48kHz ADAT tracks onto an audio CD win

v1 2004-12-03
ADATtoCD.pdf - 80KB

S/PDIF and true AES/EBU signals

v1 2004-12-03
aes-spdif.pdf - 61KB

User Manual macwin

v1 2004-10-26
WCPCI_Guide.pdf - 724KB

Using the Yamaha 01V

v1 2004-12-03
Yamaha01V.pdf - 98KB

Using WaveCenter/PCI with Cakewalk Pro Audio win

v1 2004-10-26
CakewalkWC.pdf - 469KB

Using WaveCenter/PCI with Cubase on the Macintosh macwin

v1 2004-10-26
CubaseMacWC.pdf - 481KB

Using WaveCenter/PCI with Dynamo on the Macintosh macwin

v1 2005-03-15
WCPCIDynamoMac.pdf - 297KB

Using WaveCenter/PCI with Reaktor macwin

v1 2004-10-26
WCPCIReaktor.pdf - 430KB

Using WaveCenter/PCI with Sonic Foundry ACID win

v1 2004-10-26
WCPCIAcid.pdf - 327KB

Using WaveCenter/PCI with Sonic Foundry Sound Forge win

v1 2004-10-26
WCPCISForge.pdf - 379KB

Using WaveCenter/PCI with Sonic Foundry Vegas macwin

v1 2004-10-26
WCPCIVegas.pdf - 425KB

Using WaveCenter/PCI with Vision on the Macintosh macwin

v1 2004-10-26
WCPCIVisionMac.pdf - 642KB

Windows System Recommendations for Frontier Design Cards win

v1 2004-12-03
SystemRecommend.pdf - 85KB

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