Exciting Updates - More Awards!

Frontier Design Group - March 2006

Exciting Updates

We have been busy adding to TranzPort’s broad support making it the most efficient tool for all of today’s DAW environments. A new Macintosh Universal Binary driver update is now available. This update allows users to fully integrate TranzPort with new Intel-based iMac, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro systems, while still remaining compatible with existing G4 and G5 computers.

Full details on this new update available on our updates page.

And support for more audio programs grows every month. Currently 18 DAW applications, both Windows and Macintosh programs, support TranzPort! We are working hard to ensure that TranzPort’s ground-breaking functionality and innovation reach as many users as possible through as many host applications as possible.

Our complete list of currently supported audio programs.

More Awards

TranzPort continues to rack up significant music industry product awards. Most recently Electronic Musician Magazine awarded TranzPort its “2006 Editors’ Choice” award for MIDI/DAW Control Surfaces. While making their decision, Electronic Musician noted “We love products that provide a distinctive and elegant solution to a common problem, and TranzPort certainly fits that description. That’s why it was one of our favorite new studio tools in 2005.”

And not long before that, TranzPort earned Keyboard Magazine’s “KeyBuy Award.” In their words, “There’s really nothing to recommend against the TranzPort; if you find yourself in need of a way to control your music making computer from afar, this is as close to ideal as I can imagine for the price of just two bills. … It’s excellent.”

These latest awards join the notable mentions and wide recognition TranzPort has already received from the music and sound industry press worldwide. Other awards include Mix Magazine’s “Certified Hit Award,” Pro-Audio Review’s “Excellence Award,” EQ Magazine’s “Exceptional Quality Award,” and the U.K. Music Industry Association’s “Special Innovation Award.”

Check out the complete list of awards and reviews.

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