Ableton Live Loves TranzPort!

Frontier Design Group - July 2006

Creative musicians couldn’t be happier, now that Live and TranzPort are fully integrated. Ableton has just released version 5.2.1 of Live, their powerhouse program for recording, jamming, composing, and sound design, and central to this release is native support for TranzPort. Frontier Design Group’s TranzPort, the first wireless remote controller for computer-based studios, lets you control audio applications on your computer from across the room, or even from the next room.

With TranzPort, Live users can quickly launch scenes, jump to markers, adjust loop points, change tempo, and toggle between arrangement and session views. On a per track basis, TranzPort can also be used to change level and pan, mute, solo, record arm, and even launch clips. TranzPort has 21 buttons, including 5 standard “transport” buttons for rewind, fast forward, stop, play, and record. Its data wheel can be used to adjust the many parameters available in Live. There is visual feedback via eight LEDs and the backlit LCD display has 20×2 characters that can show track names, clip names, current position, parameter values, and much more.

”This is an announcement that we’ve been anxious to share,” says Frontier Design Group co-founder Charlie Hitchcock. “It’s an exciting chance to couple the freedom of TranzPort with the expressive power of Live. The combo is both wonderfully creative and awfully fun!” Hitchcock continues, “Not only is TranzPort great for people who use computers to record audio, but now, with Ableton Live, DJs and performers can control and sequence their sounds without being chained to their computer. They can jam, create, and explore while on the move, whether that’s in the studio, on stage, or heck, even in the audience!”

Both Live and TranzPort run on Windows PCs (32-bit and 64-bit CPUs) and support Universal Binary drivers for PowerPC and Intel Macintosh computers. Operation is identical in both environments. With this addition of Live, TranzPort now has the full support of more than 20 of the leading computer audio applications, including all the major DAW programs, as well as many virtual studios, remote recording applications, and even iTunes. TranzPort quickly became the leading computer audio controller with its introduction in 2005, and is available worldwide at most music and audio retailers. For more information about TranzPort, and Frontier Design Group’s other products, please go to

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