Announcing AlphaTrack

Frontier Design Group - September 2006

Innovative, compact, and attractive control surface for computer DAWs

Frontier Design Group, a company known for creating innovative products for computer musicians, is excited to announce its latest product. AlphaTrack™ combines a set of intuitive tactile controls in a compact and attractive package. Now you can ride a high-resolution fader, turn real knobs, scroll and shuttle with the touch of your fingers, all with a control surface that fits your desktop and the way you work. AlphaTrack lets you work more productively and creatively without giving up a lot of desktop space.

AlphaTrack includes a 100mm, touch-sensitive, motorized fader which provides true 10-bit resolution for smooth and precise level control. AlphaTrack also has three touch-sensitive encoders, a feature previously found only on high-end gear costing thousands of dollars. These let you adjust track and plug-in parameters while the 32-character backlit display shows detailed feedback in response to your touch. The encoders provide quick control of pans, sends, EQ, plug-ins, and automation.

One of AlphaTrack’s unique innovations is its touch-sensitive jog and shuttle strip. Slide one finger across its surface and your project’s timeline scrolls in response. Drop a second finger onto the strip, and now your fingers control the timeline’s shuttle speed. Zoom through your project with two fingers, then just lift one finger and slide to quickly set the precise position you want. And you can also just tap on the left or right ends of the strip to navigate through your project’s markers!

AlphaTrack also has a set of 22 buttons and 21 LED’s, including standard transport controls, per track record, solo, mute, and automation indication, and encoder mode control. When supported by the computer application, a set of buttons can also be customized with user-programmable functions.

AlphaTrack connects to your computer using just a single USB cable. This makes it portable, easy to connect, and compatible with laptops since no additional power supply is needed. AlphaTrack’s back panel also includes a footswitch jack for easy punch-in recording.

“AlphaTrack in five words? Fast, intuitive, innovative, compact, and attractive,” says Brian George, product specialist at Frontier Design Group. “Why be stuck with just a keyboard and mouse when AlphaTrack is such a great enhancement at a great price?”

AlphaTrack works on Windows XP and Mac OS X (including Intel Macs) with applications such as Pro Tools, SONAR, Reason, Cubase SX/SL, Digital Performer, and Nuendo. Support for more applications will be added regularly.

AlphaTrack is priced at $249 MSRP and will be available in January, 2007.

See for more about AlphaTrack, including an online demo video. High- and low-resolution pictures of AlphaTrack are online at

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