DAKOTA now has ASIO 2.0, sample-accurate sync, and input monitoring

Frontier Design Group - June 1999

Frontier Design Group's super-integrated Dakota PCI soundcard is better than ever, with these great new software features in driver version 2.01:

* An ASIO 2.0 driver provides ultra-low latency performance when monitoring inputs and adjusting parameters in Steinberg's Cubase VST application. ASIO 2.0 provides a high-performance communication path between the Dakota hardware and applications such as Cubase VST, bypassing the normal audio delays in the operating system.

* Sample-accurate audio transfers. Using Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro (v1.2) or Steinberg's Cubase VST (v3.7), Dakota owners can transfer digital audio between Dakota and any ADAT-compatible digital tape machine with sample accuracy (about 400 times the accuracy of SMPTE timecode or MTC).

* A new Patchbay tab in Dakota's control panel for input monitoring and digital audio format conversions. For example, Dakota's ADAT optical inputs can now be monitored directly through its S/PDIF coax outputs. Just click on an input and then on an output to connect them. Double-click to disconnect. Routings can also be saved in the Patch Library.

* A new Taskbar icon for instant access to the Dakota control panel. The icon indicates activity on Dakota's inputs and outputs, and clicking on the icon opens the Dakota control panel.

Dakota integrates multichannel digital audio, synchronization, and MIDI on a single PCI card, with industry-standard interfaces that provide access to external converters, digital mixers, ADAT and DAT tape machines, digital effects processors, and MIDI gear. Dakota is the centerpiece of a complete family of professional digital audio products that include Tango24 for 24-bit multichannel analog I/O, the optional Montana PCI/ISA card for audio and sync expansion, and the optional Sierra box for MIDI and SMPTE expansion.

The Dakota driver is a free software upgrade which can be downloaded now from the Dakota Drivers page of the Frontier Design Group web site.

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