Frontier Design Group Debuts Tango24™ New 24-bit 8x8 A/D & D/A converter featuring ADAT digital lightpipe I/O

Frontier Design Group - March 1999

Frontier Design Group has upgraded its successful Tango audio converter system to full 24-bit digital resolution, improving audio performance without increasing cost. Dubbed Tango24™, the new product features ADAT lightpipe digital I/O for maximum flexibility in the studio. Tango24 connects to lightpipe-equipped I/O cards in computers, digital mixers, and tape machines. Tango24 also features balanced +4dBu analog I/O on 1/4" TRS jacks for clean, quiet connections to other analog equipment.

“Tango24 is what computer-based studio owners are seeking,” says Charlie Hitchcock, cofounder of Frontier Design Group. “They know that optically-coupled external converters eliminate the computer noises found in analog soundcards. They want standard interfaces, flexible clocking options, and a solid design. Tango24 builds on these features of Tango and adds an absolute requirement for modern equipment: 24-bit resolution.”

Tango24 shares many features with its popular predecessor. All inputs and outputs can be individually set to +4dBu (professional) or -10dBV (consumer) signal levels. Word clock input and output are provided on BNC connections, for synchronizing multiple units or for locking Tango24's clock system to an external master. Front panel switches let you set the clock source to the word clock or ADAT optical input, or to internal crystals for 44.1 and 48kHz operation. Tango24's front panel also includes eight sets of level meters, switchable to inputs or outputs. Separate LEDs indicate signal-present, -3dB below full-scale, and clipping for each channel.

Tango24 is housed in a rugged 1U rackmount enclosure. Since it uses ADAT optical I/O, it can be located up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the computer. In addition to its ADAT optical in and out ports, Tango24 has a ADAT Thru port for archiving audio material to an ADAT MDM without re-cabling optical connections. Tango24 can be connected to any ADAT optical computer interface, including Frontier Design Group's latest super-integrated PCI card - Dakota.

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