Composer Shawn Clement Relies on Frontier Gear

Frontier Design Group - March 2005

Composer Shawn K. Clement’s career trajectory has been fueled by talent, musicality and pure instinct. He has created the picture perfect underscore for over 120 feature film and television projects. A musical chameleon, navigating between the worlds of television, film and video games, Clement has a breakneck schedule, often driven by top-rated network reality shows, including World’s Wildest Police Videos, World’s Scariest Police Chases, Surviving The Moment of Impact, Stupid Behavior: Caught on Tape and When Good Pets Go Bad (all for Fox Television), plus many other shows for NBC, ABC, and Discovery Communications. Clement is credited with establishing the definitive dramatic musical style of the reality genre, a style which has been copied by numerous composers in the field. And in 2000, ASCAP presented Clement with a most impressive award – the prestigious “ASCAP 2000, Film and Television Award” for Most Performed Underscore.

Although Clement dominates this notable niche, it’s simply one facet to a multi-dimensional composer. He has scored We Married Margo (Audience Favorite Award winner at the HBO/U.S. Comedy & Arts Festival in Aspen) with Kevin Bacon, Cindy Crawford and Tom Arnold, and is currently working on the feature film “Deadly”, starring Laura Prepon and “Totally Outrageous Behavior”.

With his non-stop schedule and rigid deadlines, Clement’s studio environment is of prime concern. “Efficiency is key in any studio environment”, says Clement. “My gear has to be top of the line to insure a positive workflow. Frontier gear has given me the ability to construct the perfect studio. Currently, I am running Sonar DAW system with a Dakota and a Montana. I also have 3 Giga Studio systems, each with a Dakota and a WaveCenter/PCI card. My Frontier gear is seamlessly compatible with not only Sonar, but with all my other soft synth and sampling programs.”

In addition, Clement uses Sierra’s midi interfaces and Apache digital patch bays. “The beauty of all my Frontier gear is its ease of use. There is virtually no learning curve at all. It’s extremely versatile.”

“The guys at Frontier recently had me test a prototype of their new TranzPort system. This thing is amazing! It allows me total remote control over my gear from anywhere in my studio. As any composer knows, this kind of freedom in a studio environment has been impossible to create. TranzPort is a composer’s dream come true.”

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