Sierra Quote

“Easily integrate complex MIDI setups with your Dakota system.”

Quick Facts

  • 8 independent MIDI output ports (128 output channels)
  • 8 independent MIDI input ports (128 input channels)
  • SMPTE input and output on quarter-inch jacks
  • SMPTE output level controlled by Dakota software
  • Front panel activity indicators for each MIDI and SMPTE port
  • Standard 1U, 19-inch rackmount enclosure
  • 15-foot (4.5-meter) Dakota cable included

Sierra Simple

Look around. If you're surrounded by keyboards, sound modules, samplers and other MIDI gear, you may need more ins and outs than Dakota's built-in 2x2 MIDI interface. That's where Sierra comes in.

Sierra is the MIDI and SMPTE expansion tool for Frontier Design Group's powerful Dakota PCI audio system. Sierra is a must-have for serious MIDI users who are working with the Dakota card. It features eight MIDI input ports, eight MIDI output ports, and a SMPTE input and output on 1/4" jacks.

Perfect for serious sequencing and computer production

By itself, Dakota provides 2 MIDI inputs and outputs, and provides SMPTE I/O on any audio channel. Connecting a Sierra to Dakota quadruples the number of available MIDI ports, and adds dedicated SMPTE jacks so you can enjoy timecode I/O without sacrificing any audio channels.

Using inputs from a Sierra, Dakota's hardware can directly support SMPTE and MIDI timecode chase-lock. This is a great advantage over software-based approaches that rely on real-time audio resampling or repositioning. Hardware-based chase-lock eliminates these sources of audio distortion and frees the CPU for other tasks.

Bright Lights, Nice Box

Sierra's front panel has activity indicators for each MIDI and SMPTE input and output, and shows the lock status of the SMPTE input. Sierra is housed in a rugged 1U 19" rackmount enclosure, and comes with a 15-foot cable for connecting to a Dakota soundcard. Need a great solution for mondo MIDI productions? Dakota and Sierra ... a match made on the Frontier.

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